Dr Qingjin Peng and Dr Jian Zhang will attend the CAD

Dr Qingjin Peng and Dr Jian Zhang will attend CAD'18 - the 15th annual International CAD Conference, to be held at the Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Paris-Saclay) located in Cachan Paris, July 9-11, 2018, presenting the collaborative paper entitled A Fuzzy Number based Hierarchy Analytic Method and Application in Improvement of Rehabilitation Devices.

CAD'18 - the 15th annual International CAD Conference Link: http://www.cadconferences.com/

Paper Abstract

Different methods have been developed to identify customer needs in product design. The needs are then transferred into technical attributes and product parameters in the design process. However, the transfer from product needs to design parameters is challenging. There is a lack of objective approaches intraditional methods of searching design parameters to handle inaccurate design information. This paper introduces an effective method to analyze and rank design parameters foroptional solutions by combining benchmarking and quality function deployment methods in an improved fuzzy analy tichierarchy process. It forms a multi-criteria decision-making method for the evaluation of design solutions to reduce the subjective preference of decision-makers. The method has been applied in the improvement of exoskeleton rehabilitation devices.


Bingjie Song [0000-0003-3444-127X]1, Qingjin Peng [0000-0002-9664-5326]2, Jian Zhang [0000-0002-4658-3630]3 and Peihua Gu [0000-0002-8407-3316]4

1Shantou University, 16bjsong@stu.edu.cn

2University of Manitoba, Qingjin.Peng@umanitoba.ca

3Shantou University, jianzhang@stu.edu.cn

4Shantou University, peihuagu@stu.edu.cn

Corresponding author: Qingjin Peng, Qingjin.Peng@umanitoba.ca

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