Dr Alessandro Simeone will attend the 12th CIRP Conference

Dr Alessandro Simeone will attend the 12th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering, Ischia, Italy, 18 - 20 July 2018 presenting the collaborative paper entitled Intelligent Cloud Manufacturing Platform for Efficient Resource Sharing in Smart Manufacturing Networks.

CIRP ICME ’18 Conference Link: http://www.icme.unina.it/

Paper Abstract

Modern manufacturing demands are characterized by high fluctuations with negative impact on resource efficiency. In this framework, Industry 4.0 key enabling technologies such as cloud manufacturing enable the sharing of distributed resources for effective use at industrial network level. In this work, an intelligent cloud manufacturing platform is proposed to increase resource efficiency in a manufacturing network through dynamic sharing of manufacturing services, including computational, software as well as physical manufacturing resources, that can be offered on demand according to a service-oriented paradigm. The cloud-based platform includes adatabase module where user input data are collected, an intelligent module fordata processing, optimization and feasible solutions generation, and a decision support module for solutions evaluation and comparison. A case study demonstrates technical and economic advantages for industrial resource efficiency improvement.


Alessandro Simeonea,*,Alessandra Caggianob,c, Lev Bound, Bin Denga                                  

aIntelligent Manufacturing Key Laboratory of Ministryof Education, Shantou University, China

bDepartment of Industrial Engineering, University ofNaples Federico II, Italy

cFraunhofer Joint Laboratory ofExcellence on Advanced Production Technology (Fh-J_LEAPT UniNaples), Italy

dDynamic Computer Systems, PoB 1341, 30300, Atlit,Israel

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