• To develop new design theory and methodologies and tools for product design

  • To perform the extensive design andanalysis of the critical modules / components / interfaces of the chosen product (e.g., electric vehicle, light industrial equipment)

  • To conduct new development and experiments on 3D printing technologies including multi-process and multi-materials position process for fabricating desired modules / components / interfaces

  • To validate the design results by usingthe virtual reality simulation through comparison with that of the existing industry facilities.

  • 研究先进设计理论与方法,为产品设计提供新的理论方法与设计工具

  • 对已有机械产品(如:电动车、轻工装备产品)的关键模块/部件/接口进行分析与设计,有效提高产品性能

  • 对包括多过程多材料技术在内的不同3D打印工艺与技术进行研究,用于设计制造不同需求的模块/组件/接口

  • 在进行工业设施对照研究的基础上,运用虚拟现实仿真技术验证产品设计效果

Shantou University
Li Ka Shing Foundation
Shantou Institute for
Light Industrial Equipment
National Science
Foundation of China
Chinese Mechanical
Engineering Society
The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP)
Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology