PDR Group

Introduction to Research

- To develop new design methodologies and tools for design optimization

- To perform the extensive design and analysis of the critical modules/components/interfaces of the chosen product (e.g., electric vehicle)

- To conduct new development and experiments on 3D printing technologies including multi-process and multi-materials deposition process for fabricating desired modules/components /interfaces with the optimal product characteristics

- To validate the design results by using the virtual reality simulation through comparison with that of the existing industry facilities.

Research Aera

-Design and prototyping of electrical vehicle

- Open adaptable design

- Robust design

- Interface design

- Topology optimization design

- Design by using virtual reality

- Measurement of quality characteristics of 3-D printed components

Reaearch Projects
Key Labs
1.Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Intelligent Manufacturing
2. Shantou Institute for Light Industrial Equipment Research